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If your child has finished all their homework, please provide extra material for them to work on during our scheduled remote learning time.

All children are responsible for the care of Ipads/ Laptops. We ask that they do not share them with other students. We have cleared a shelf to keep their Ipads/ Laptops instead of keeping them in their bags. This is a way to prevent them from getting lost and damaged.

As you and I both know the children have many responsibilities. Examples would be they prepare their own lunch, pack their own backpacks, while getting themselves ready in the morning. With all these responsibilities, we still ask that your child comes in with a charged laptop or iPad, include the charger just in case, and their folder from school that has their paper homework in it (if they still have it). We also ask that your child brings in a pair of headphones for zoom calls and everyday iPad/laptop use, the volume in this classroom gets quite loud sometimes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through our ProCare App! Thank you.

Miss Heather & Miss Kaylie


Please bring Headphones for Zoom!

We no longer need winter gear as the snow is gone, but please bring mudboots!

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