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At Stepping Stones Child Care the term guidance is used for several reasons. It is a positive term and implies working with the children to develop internal control of their behavior. Our goal is to encourage the children to become creative, independent, responsible, and socially mature human beings. This involves learning to make responsible choices and accepting the consequences of such choices. Guidance takes several forms within our center:

  • Environment - A place designed for children. Each room is age-appropriate in furniture size, large and small manipulates, and supplies required for hands-on experiences.
  • Logical Rules - Such as keeping our hands to ourselves and taking care of the learning environment. These are discussed with the children as well as why such rules are needed.
  • Curriculum - Is developmentally appropriate, based on the children's interest and level of readiness.
  • Positive Behavior - We reinforce the behaviors we wish to see repeated.
  • Redirection - Often interesting a child in another activity can eliminate potential difficulty. We might ask a child to help us or send a child to a different area to play.
  • Positive Reminder - Telling the children what we want them to do rather than using "no" or "don't."
  • Renewal Time - Occasionally, as a last resort, a child needs to be removed from the situation for a brief break. This allows the child time to calm down and consider an alternate behavior.

Difficult Behavior

Respectful treatment of other children, staff and all property, toys, and furniture is expected. We will make every effort to work with the parent or guardian to ensure a cooperative approach for children having difficulties with behavior. We are here to serve and protect all of our children! A parent may be called at work or home at any time the child exhibits uncontrollable behavior that cannot be modified by the center's staff. The parent may be asked to take the child home immediately. The following steps may be taken regarding children who display chronic disruptive behavior, upsetting to the emotional or physical well-being of another child or an adult. Willful destruction of property will be charged to the parent at the cost to replace the item.

Initial Consultation

The director may request that the parent or guardian meet for a conference. The problem will be defined on paper. Intervention strategies will be discussed. The best solution toward solving the problem will be agreed upon by the center director, teacher, and parent or guardian.

Second Consultation

If the initial plan for helping the child fails, the parent will again be asked to meet with the director and teaching staff involved. Another attempt will be made to identify the problem, and establish a new, or revised, approach for solving the problem. Parents may be asked to consult outside professionals or bring in behavioral specialists to help identify the problems or provide new strategies, in order for MSCC to continue care. Our goal is to work as a team to better serve each child.


When the previous attempts have been followed and no progress has been made toward solving the problem, the child may be disenrolled from the center at the discretion of the center director.

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